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Frequently Asked Questions at Pediatric Walk-in & Urgent Care Clinic in Fort Worth/Denton, TX

QUESTION: Do you accept medicaid or medicare?

Yes – at this time we accept the following Pediatric Medicaid Plans: Aetna, Amerigroup Better Health, Cook Children’s Medicaid/CHIP Health Plan and Superior/Ambetter. At this time we do not accept Medicare.

QUESTION: When should I come to PUCFW?

PUCFW is a full service after-hour pediatric urgent care seeing patients birth to young adult. We offer a wide range of diagnostic services and procedures. We are a safe and affordable alternative to the Emergency Room and we are conveniently open when your primary care provider’s office is closed.  If your child is injured or ill in the evening, on the weekend, or on a holiday you should consider coming to our center. PUCFW is not an emergency room.  If you are concerned that your child has a life-threatening injury or illness, if your child is struggling to breathe, or if you are unable to arouse your child you should consider calling 9-1-1 and seek emergency treatment.

QUESTION: How much will I pay when I bring my child to PUCFW?

When you arrive at our facility, we will verify your insurance through our real-time verification process.  This provides us with up-to-date eligibility, deductible information, co-pays, and co-insurance according to your particular insurance plan. In most cases we will collect your urgent care co-pay.  Once we file the visit with your insurance provider, they will issue an EOB.  After we review your EOB, we will send you a bill for any remaining unpaid portion.  Usually, unpaid portions are the result of your deductible requirements. This process generally takes 4-6 weeks. Every insurance plan is different and it can be very confusing at times.  If you have questions regarding your insurance eligibility or verification, please call us.

QUESTION: What services do you provide?

PUCFW is a full service after-hours pediatric urgent care.  We provide a wide range of services including:
  • x-rays with interpretation
  • in house labs: rapid strep, flu, and mono testing
  • IV fluids
  • EKG’s
  • stitches
  • breathing treatments.
  • first dose of antibiotics or steroids
  • school physicals
Our pediatricians have extensive experience treating:
  • childhood fevers
  • ear infections
  • asthma
  • vomiting and diarrhea
  • dehydration
  • rashes
  • abdominal pain
  • broken bones
  • wound repair
  • and cold or flu symptoms.
We are not an Emergency Department, but we do provide many similar treatments and therapies. Please contact us if you have any questions about the services we are able to provide.

QUESTION: What is an EOB?

An "EOB" is an explanation of benefits. It is a statement issued by your insurance company that explains what medical treatment and/or services were paid for or “covered” and which medical treatments/services were not paid for or "denied". The EOB will describe the services performed, the date of service, the insurer’s code for the service, and the name of the patient.  It will also list the doctor’s requested fee minus any contracted reductions by the insurance company. An EOB is not a bill.  It is simply a statement of covered and non-covered medical treatment/services. Once PUCCFW receives the EOB from your insurance company, we review all "denied" or non-covered portions.  Often times, we appeal denied claims on your behalf.  Claims may be denied for several reasons that are beyond your control. Once your claim is finalized and there are no pending appeals with your insurance company, our billing services department will issue a statement for any unpaid balance. If you have any questions about your EOB, please contact us

QUESTION: What age patients do you see?

We treat patients from birth to 21. At our Hulen clinic we treat the whole family!

QUESTION: Does PUCFW accept insurance?

PUCFW has contracts with most major insurance companies.  For a complete list of “in-network” insurance companies, please go to our Insurance page. If we do not have a contract with your insurance company, or if you are currently uninsured, we offer a conservative fee schedule. For more information, please contact us.

QUESTION: What is a deductible and what does it mean for my visit?

A deductible is the amount of expenses (money) that must be paid "out of pocket" by the policy holder before an insurance company will pay any expenses.  This set amount is determined by your individual insurance policy. Deductibles only apply in certain situations.  Your insurance plan determined when you have to pay "out of pocket" towards your deductible and when your services are paid for or "covered" by your insurance company.  When your services are paid for or "covered" by your insurance company it means one of two things: either you have met your deductible, or that particular service does not qualify for, or "apply towards", your deductible. With our real-time verification process, we are able to quickly see if you have fulfilled or "met" your deductible.  This information is updated hourly and is generally very accurate. If you have not paid or "met" your full deductible, and your insurance policy applies your deductible towards your urgent care visits, you may receive a bill from us.  For a complete list of medical services and/or what treatments are excluded or "waived" from your deductible, please contact your insurance policy holder.

QUESTION: What hours are you open?

Check the clinic location that is closest to you for their hours. Hours vary from clinic to clinic to serve you best. We are open 7 days a week, including most holidays. We are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

QUESTION: Do I need a referral from my doctors office?

No, you do not need a referral from your doctor.  If you are unsure about your insurance eligibility in an urgent care setting, our patient access representatives will be happy to help you when you arrive at our facility, or you can give us a call prior to your visit.

QUESTION: Who can I call with insurance or billing questions?

You may call us anytime A member of our team will return your call as soon as possible.

QUESTION: Will my child’s doctor know about this visit?

Yes, we always send a summary of your child’s visit to their doctor at 8am the day following the visit.  For example, if your child is seen at our facility on Sunday at 4pm, we will fax the visit information to your child’s doctor before 8am on Monday. We will include any pertinent lab results and follow up suggestions.

QUESTION: Can we use the pediatricians at PUCFW for well-child check-ups and vaccinations?

We do not offer wellness visits or routine immunizations.  These are services that are best suited for your family doctor or pediatrician. We do offer flu vaccines. We will file the vaccine with you insurance carrier, in which case you simply pay your office visit co-pay.  Or, you can pay out of pocket without insurance processing. We also offer school and camp physicals at a very competitive price.  For more information.