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Patient Reviews at Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic in Fort Worth,TX

"I am always very pleased with the friendly staff that works here. I LOVE The convenience of the hours, without having to pay an outrageous copay, nor compromise the quality of care.  I would highly recommend this office to my family and friends."
- Maria R.

"Excellent experience. Out of all our visits to the doctor, urgent care and ER in the past, I would rather not go anywhere else! Clean, courteous, friendly and totally listened to our concerns. In and out!"
- Brittany G.

"Walked in. Helped in 5 minutes. Out the door in 15 minutes. Treats for kids. Everybody was happy and really really nice."
- Chandler C.

"So there we were, our kiddo sick on a Sunday morning. One of many parents nightmare, where to go, its not really an emergency, since its not really an emergency, do I wanat to pay emergency premiums, yadda yadda yadda. Well, we went to Ft Worth Cook’s and noticed a FULL HOUSE, apparently many kiddos had some strand of cold or related symptoms among other things. Fast forward to me saying “forget this, there has to be a better spot”, one google search and phone call later, we arrive here. Pediatric Center is about 15 minutes away from Cook Children’s Medical Center. Worth the drive if you don’t have an emergency and don’t want to wait HOURS elsewhere. All in all, a great group of individuals that took care of my son! This place has only been open since April, so as of this writing, this is probably your best bet for little to no wait, and since this is not considered an Emergency Room, you only pay Urgent Care co-pay’s (similar to CareNow)."
- John V.

"Another review for the Hulen location. We brought our son in when he spiked a high fever last night in a very short amount of time. The office was clean and all of the staff was very friendly. Dr. Cowan (the owner) was so kind and gentle with our son. They had us in and out in 30 minutes. I couldn’t say a negative thing about the entire experience or this office."
- Maryanne F.

"Wonderful experience. Dr Brennan, nurse Robin and the front desk staff were all genuine in their concern and sincerely helpful."
- LC D.

"The moment I walked in with my 20 month old son (who was having a severe allergic reaction to cashews) I knew my son was in excellent care. Dr. Cowan and his entire staff rushed us right in and took such tender care of him (and me). Some Benadryl and steroids and my son bounced back enough to hand Dr. Cowan a book, which he began reading to him. He even addressed his excema, gave me samples of a cream and spent much more time with us than I even would have imagined. We left with only paying a co-pay (what ANOTHER nice surprise!), a sticker and a sucker in the mouth of a very content and well baby. I would recommend this place to anyone anytime. I hope we don’t have to return, but if we do, I know my son will be very well taken care of. Kristi W. ……………………………… We have been here a couple of times and love it. The staff is super friendly and the doctor is the only one my daughter has ever smiled with and not freaked out. She is great with kids! It is very clean with a nice play area in the waiting room. This place is convenient and a great place to bring your kiddos if ever necessary."
- Annette M.

"I would give INFINITY STARS if that were an option. Been there several times since my first visit. Both my kids have been there multiple times for multiple conditions. Always late at night b/c that’s when you feel like you’ve waited long enough but you can’t wait any longer or until the morning to take them to the Dr. Dr Cowan is the best! I wish he were still at the Alliance location. The new doctor is really nice too though. But she can’t make accommodations for patients w/o insurance unlike Dr Cowan b/c he’s the owner. I can’t say enough about the Alliance location. Nurses are great. Office staff is great. Office is clean. Wait time is minimal. Great location. I have had quite a few terrible experiences w/ office staff at other dr offices, so I know a KEEPER when I see one. When they’re nice like that it’s confirmation that they’re happy with their jobs. And I bet they are w/ an awesome boss like Dr Cowan! I just wish he had a ped office as well as the urgent care. I’m seriously thinking of taking my children to the urgent care instead of taking them to their pcp from now on. Take your kids here!!"
- J T

"Brought my daughter in tonight with a case of pink eye. Staff and Doc were friendly. There was no wait time. Staff was super quick to see her and got us in and out within roughly 20 mins ( I wasn’t clocking it but it was super quick) My biggest thing was they accept tricare, military insurance. Care now doesn’t, very few urgent cares around here do. Place was very clean. There was a tv with Disney jr on in the exam room along with a sensory toy, book, and other toys. I would 100% recommend this office and I’m sure we’ll be back in the future. Thanks to the staff and doc!"
- B D.

"I went to the Hulen location not Alliance. My daughter was up all night with croup symptoms and I needed to get her to a doctor quick and of course it’s the weekend. They were able to see me at 9:00 on a Sunday morning which was extremely helpful. I was expecting to have to pay a large copay but I was wrong, I only had to pay the same amount as I would if I went to see her primary doctor. So great!!! The staff was extremely warm and welcoming. I was already stressed and tired from being up all night and now I was at a doctor so it was helpful to see smiling faces. They were able to see us immediately with no wait at all. It didn’t even take long for the doctor to come in and see her. Which by the way Dr. Cowan was so great. They gave her juice and meds to help lower her fever and at the end of the appointment they had to give her some more meds and gave her a popsicle to cheer her up. Not mention they have stickers and organic lollipops. Such a great visit. If we ever have to go see a doctor after hours I will go there every time. Every single one of the staff members were helpful and caring which is exactly what you want out of a visit like this."
- Christina T.

"Brought my 4-year old daughter in yesterday evening for possible strep throat. She’s had a bad cough for a couple weeks and finished antibiotics for an ear infection about a week ago. I called beforehand to see what the wait time was, and was told there were no patients being seen at that time. We walked in and the office lobby is really clean. We filled out the initial visit (never been here before yesterday) paperwork and sat for a total of about 3-5 minutes. The nurses were very caring and gentle with my daughter. We didn’t get to see a doctor, but did see the NP named Bliss who quickly diagnosed as just throat irritation due to the cough. We were given printed instructions and my daughter received a lollipop after getting an oral steroid to help with the cough. The entire visit took a total of maybe 30 minutes. The exam room was clean with a TV monitor playing movies and a couple of books and toys to keep little ones occupied while waiting to be seen. They’ve got really convenient hours (open til 10pm on weekdays and open on Sundays!) which is fantastic because kids are notorious for getting their most sick when the doctor is closed. Terrific place, so glad we chose to come here!"
- Laurel S.